[rescue] rebuildability

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Fri Jul 7 09:19:08 CDT 2006

Kevin Foote wrote:
> hi all
> not sure if i should be posting this here. :-)
> i have a 12" g3 iBook that has a bad screen but otherwise works great.. from
> what i gather its the backlight on the actual lcd.

Are you claiming that the light ITSELF is shot (hard to
believe as there are usually two tubes and both failing
simultaneously seems like a long shot).

Or, are you claiming the backlight FUNCTION is broke?
In which case, it is likely the inverter (or inverter controls)
that are out.  Since both lamps are dark, I would look further
into the power supply instead of the inverters (one inverter
per lamp -- usually exact duplicates of the same circuit).

Can you see anything going on "in" the display (look
carefully... try a flashlight at various angles).
If the display seems to be working but both lamps
are out, I'd look to the power *feeding* the inverters.

This is a common failure on LCD "monitors" (I've salvaged
quite a few "broken" monitors from the trash this way).


> a new screen rig from powerbookmedic <http://www.powerbookmedic.com> costs
> ~$299 my general question is is this actually worth the referb time / money.
> ive also thought
> of buying a parts rig on ebay but then i cant guarantee the lcd is good
> (unless specified of course).
> if / when i get this thing up it would be a box for my wife in the kitchen
> area to browse etc with ..
> i know that is a user specific question  _wether it is worth it or not_  but
> i know there a a lot of mac peopel on the list that might have experience
> replacing / repairing so i thought id ask anyway.

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