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der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Tue Jul 4 15:43:04 CDT 2006

>> The one time I saw an (apparently) blind person reading Braille by
>> touch, she was holding both hands approximately stationary with
>> respect to one another, both moving along the line together.  She'd
>> also tap them on the page, rather like tapping your fingers but with
>> all eight fingers (thumbs not involved) moving together.

> If you watch carefully, chances are she wasn't using both hands
> (fingers?) across the line.

Well, I can't be sure her fingers were touching the page, but it sure
looked as though they were.

> often, the left index finger starts "reading" the line and the right
> index finger joins it partway into the line.  Then, the right finger
> continues on to read the right half of the line while the left finger
> seeks the start of the line to drop down to the start of the NEXT
> line.

Not consistent with what I saw, both because she appeared to be using
multiple fingers per hand (moving together) and because her hands were
nearly stationary with respect to one another.  (I noticed that
particularly because it seemed so odd to me.)

> It is a VERY humbling experience to try this on your own!

I've touched Braille characters on enough occasions - and have
discovered they all feel far too much the same to me - that I've never
really tried to read it tactilely; I know it'd take a lot of learning
before I could do it at all, never mind do it at any sort of speed.

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