[rescue] sun ultra 60 & an ultra 80 for sale

xyyz.two.k xyyz2000 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 4 14:56:45 CDT 2006

i have an ultra 60 with the following specs:

2x360mhz, 1bm ram, 18gig, and what i think to be an elite 3d card.

it's an awesome system.

if you purchase that, i'll throw in a barebones ultra 60 free. all you
need is an HD that you can pick up for about $10. do that and part out
some RAM and CPU from the other ultra and you'll have yourself 2 ultra
60's. they'll be great prep for both the solaris certs.

i'm asking for $200. also, since they're pretty heavy, i'd prefer
locals. i can arrange a meeting time and place.

i also have an ultra 80 with the following specs:

2x450mhz, Expert 3D, 2gb RAM, 36gb, floppy, CDROM

it's a clean system. the one beauty of the ultra 80 is that it's QUAD
CPU capable.

the asking price is $350. again, i prefer locals on this, but since
this is one unit, i don't mind shipping it out, but i warn you it's
heavy, and shipping might run around $50.

for those who'll take all of em off my hands, shoot me an offer. the
worst i can say is no.

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