[rescue] adding a disk to my u2

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Mon Jul 3 21:54:20 CDT 2006

I see a lot of deals on used drives, but rarely do they tell
>>>> you how old they are. 1-2 year old SCSI, I'm OK with that most
>>>> of the time. But most of what I find at places like spartantech
>>>> and other shops are hitting 5 years old.  No thanks.
>>> 1.6" 50 Gig SCA drive for $25 + s/h
>>> http://www.surpluscomputers.com/store/main.aspx?p=ItemDetail&item=DRV10209
>> That will not fit in a U2.  That is also a pretty old drive, and
>> I'd hesitate to trust it.
> Well, you snipped off my reference to "removing the optical drive..."
> (I was implying it would fit where the 5 1/4" drive is/was.)
> As for the vintage of the drive, well there's recent vintage and
> there's cheap - pick one. That's been my exp. anyway...

And older SCSI drives (in my experience) can last a *very* long time. In 
fact, I'd choose one over several new IDE drives.


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