[rescue] Is it kosher to post Craigslist links here?

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Mon Jul 3 13:22:21 CDT 2006

velociraptor wrote:
> On 6/30/06, Don Y <dgy at dakotacom.net> wrote:
>> Mike Hebel wrote:
>>> This is the exact reason why my ideal home would probably be an old
>>> abandoned factory that I could slowly renovate.
>> I always thought an old, single level elementary school, etc.
>> You could set up different classrooms for different uses!  :>
> Retired barn, church, or community gymnasium, where the interior rooms

Not *BIG* enough!!  :>  Imagine a schoolhouse...
"And this is the SGI room..."


> could be arranged to your liking, since the interior walls wouldn't
> have to be load bearing.

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