[rescue] Is it kosher to post Craigslist links here?

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Mon Jul 3 13:15:34 CDT 2006

velociraptor wrote:
> On 7/3/06, der Mouse <mouse at rodents.montreal.qc.ca> wrote:
>>> Also, does anyone remeber how many DPI is in the eInk displays?
>> Is that the "soft paper" stuff?  That's a nice idea, but until it's
>> cheap enough to build multi-hundred-page books out of, it won't replace
>> paper for me.
> Why would you want that?  The whole point of eInk is that you have one
> page that is "page quality" resolution, you apply a little bit of
> power and change the display, and it stays that way until you hit the
> button to "flip" the page.  Why would you want 200 pages of book when
> you can have the whole thing on one page and a sidebar the size of 4
> AA batteries, give or take?

I **really** like the print book interface.  It *feels*
right (d'uh... perhaps that's because it's what I've been
using all these years?  :<  ).

Imagine a book built of N (N >> 2) OLED sheets.  Note that
for the verso page, you'd just drive the sheet with the
mirror (?) image of a recto page (i.e. even if N = 1).

You could "flip" pages to advance through the text.
You could move ahead "a lot" by turning a packet of
several pages in one motion.  Likewise, you could move
backwards in varying amounts ("Gee, that thing I am
looking for was back a few pages...").  And, if N is
sufficiently large, you can pick approximate locations
in the text "ratiometrically" (i.e. "It's about 2/3 of
the way through the book...")

Of course the model breaks down if N != the actual number
of pages in the book.  But, that really only gets you if
you read non-stop *or* want to start close to the end of
the book.

As for size, so, maybe it's twice the thickness of a
tablet style single page reader?  But, you only need to buy
ONE of them since it becomes ALL of your books...


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