[rescue] not exactly a rescue... more of a rescue/upgrade

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sun Jul 2 00:41:35 CDT 2006

I obtained a problematic Dell Inspiron 600m.  In the process of getting 
and building it back up, I decided to one up Dell... maximum supported 
is SXGA+... however, Dell did use a 14.1" UXGA screen in other model
laptops... I aquired one, and fitted an inverter from an SXGA+ screen to it,
and it works great !!!... except... the laptop doesn't control the 
brightness of
the inverter (even though it will with the same inverter used on a SXGA 
screen !)

Evidentally the ACPI bios can recognize the display, and must not know 
(by the
display ID ?) how to adjust the brightness of the inverter (even though 
it is the
an inverterd from a supported SXGA+ screen).

Am I stuck with max brightness ??? Anyone got any ideas ?  I'd love to 
get this
to 100% work... UXGA rocks (although fonts are rendered small ! :-)... 
pixels in 14.1 inches !!!).

I know there are geeks on this list that may have some ideas... hence 
the post...
so... help me 'rescue' my upgrade before I have to abandon it and downgrade
to SXGA (or live with UXGA at max brightness on AC or battery).

-- Curt

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