[rescue] Anyone have a rack drawer for Sun e3000?

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Mon Jan 30 21:34:48 CST 2006

On Mon, 30 Jan 2006, Todd Killingsworth wrote:

> The one catch is that I've got to get my Sun E3000 in the rack.  Does
> anyone have a rack shelf for an sun 3000/3500/3501 they can part with?
> I figured I would check here before checking epay.

An actual "E3000 Rack Kit" is an expensive piece of metal.  Any large,
stout shelf sill do.  Keeping an e3000 cool in a DeLorean rack might be
something of a challenge, as they're designed for systems that cool
front to back.  Just keep your eye on prtdiag for the first couple of

> Also, I'll admit to being rather green about rack configuration.  If I want
> to add (picking a random example) a pair of craylinked SGI Origin 200
> machines in there, is this possible?

> I've heard that 19" is a standardized size, but I'd rather ask people
> with a little more know-how.

19" and 23" are standard sizes.  19" equipment is much more common
(communications equipment, music/PA gear, electronics test equipment,
and computers are all generally 19"), whereas 23" racks are almost
exclusively used for telephone equipment.

> The rack would be 19" wide, 72" high - I've heard it described as a
> Sun 'Delorean' rack.

A DeLorean is a Sun SG-ZARY030A rack, which is intended for Sun
StorEdge equipment, hence my worries that it won't be very accomodating
to an E3000, which is more-or-less an open-air deskside system (in fact,
they came in -workstation- configurations).

I have the single most ghetto rack arrangement for my E3000 at home, but
it seems reasonably happy.  I have a two-poster 19" relay rack
(typically used for mounting comms gear and patch panels).  The E3000
rests on the thick crossmember at the bottom of the rack, and has chunks
of 2x4 at the front and rear to keep it from tipping.  It gets great
airflow and stays out of my way, even if it looks like crap.

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