[rescue] Anyone have a rack drawer for Sun e3000?

Todd Killingsworth tkilling at mindspring.com
Mon Jan 30 21:07:17 CST 2006

Hello everyone!

After my wife's last visit to the computer room, I got final bugetary
approval to see about installing a rack.

I've found somebody locally in Atlanta that I can get a rack from, though I
still have to arrange for local pickup and transport.

The one catch is that I've got to get my Sun E3000 in the rack.  Does anyone
have a rack shelf for an sun 3000/3500/3501 they can part with?  I figured I
would check here before checking epay.

Also, I'll admit to being rather green about rack configuration.  If I want
to add (picking a random example) a pair of craylinked SGI Origin 200
machines in there, is this possible? I've heard that 19" is a standardized
size, but I'd rather ask people with a little more know-how.

The rack would be 19" wide, 72" high - I've heard it described as a Sun
'Delorean' rack.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Todd Killingsworth

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