[rescue] FS/FT: Tadpole version of Solaris 7

Devin L. Ganger devin at thecabal.org
Sun Jan 29 02:25:34 CST 2006

A few hours ago I posted a long list of equipment for rescue to the Sun 
Rescue List; amongst the treasures there was a copy of the Tadpole 
SPARCbook release of Solaris 7.

It occurs to me I forgot to mention it on the SPARCbook list.

I said I'd prefer $150 or best offer for it; however, I'm also willing 
to trade it for a recent SCSI LVD controller that is ACPI and Windows 
2003 compatible. I'm familiar with Adaptech models, but as long as it's 
not teh suxx0r, I'm flexible.

I'm in the Monroe, WA area of the USA (near Seattle), so local swaps 
would be awesome, but I'll trade via shipping in the US/North America 
region for this item. UK/Europeans, I'll ship to a proxy in the U.S. who 
can worry about software export laws so I don't have to. ;)

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