[rescue] Successfully rescues, plus more Sun & associated kit in Seattle area

Devin L. Ganger devin at thecabal.org
Sat Jan 28 19:15:08 CST 2006

on 1/28/2006 4:25 PM Devin L. Ganger wrote:

> Thanks to my wife's eagle eye, I just sent more systems to a good home 
> in the local Seattle area.
> Yesterday, She Who Must Be Obeyed saw a "Wanted" post on Craig's List, 
> asking for S/100 and older Apple machines. I just helped the poster load 
> up my old S/100 bus chassis, a huge box full of S/100 cards and 
> floppies, an Apple ][e, and an Apple ][gs.
> All the remaining items are available for pickup in Monroe, WA (North of 
> Seattle, 10 miles past Woodinville on SR522). Number in brackets is 
> desired $$ but feel free to make an offer, even if you think it's 
> ridiculous. My wife and I want space back and have been trying to get 
> good homes for these things for a long time, so "I'm willing to come 
> pick up that Auspex now but only want to pay $5" is likely to be met 
> with "Come and get it!":
> [0] 3x Sun 3/60s (I don't know how much RAM or if there are disks)
> [0] 2x Sun 3/80s (ditto)
> [0] 2x SPARCstation 2 (no RAM, no disk)
> [0] 2x UltraSPARC 1 Creator 3D, 256MB RAM, 1x CPU (200?MHz), 2GB HD
> [0] 1x Sun GDM 20D10 monitor (won't power on; needs new switch?)
> [0] 1x Sun GDM 1955A monitor
> [0] 1x Cisco 2516 router wired for telco 48VDC power
> [0] 1x Xyplex 1u rack mount print server
> [0] 1x Mac Performa 6200CD (disk, CD need replaced)
> [150] 1x Tadpole SPARCbook Solaris 7 release CDs
> [250] 1x Auspex NS 5500, Auspex 1.61M OS, etc. (pickup only)
> Please don't ask me to make copies of software unless you need to 
> replace media for items you have *and can prove possession of*.
> Contact me via email here or call my cell at 425-239-2575

Crud! I forgot to mention the set of SunOS 4 manuals I have. See the 
following for a listing of titles and pictures:


Again, these are free for pickup, unless you feel like throwing money at 
me. :)

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