[rescue] Alphaserver 4100 "NT only" CPUs

r.stricklin bear at typewritten.org
Sat Jan 28 05:12:37 CST 2006

Does anybody know whether it's possible to convert an "NT only" CPU  
board for an AS4100 to something that won't panic Tru64? I just  
picked up two 600 MHz EV56 processors for my 4100 at auction, to max  
it out, and didn't key into the "NT only" part number. Now my 4100  
swears it's a 7000-something, fails to boot Tru64, and I'm mostly  
just left swearing. If I take out the two new processors, leaving my  
two old processors, everything returns to the way it was before.

It's unrelated to the SRM / ARC issue. SRM is still present,  
operational, and the default.



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