[rescue] more discarded ISA/PCI cards from work

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Fri Jan 27 17:20:06 CST 2006

OK, I picked up scads of ISA NICs, various brands, no manuals or
drivers but you can probably find them online or built into Windoze.
Most of them are RJ45 connector, some of them have a thinnet connector.
I also have some video cards and some SCSI cards and some sound cards.
I'll post a detailed inventory to the list over the next couple of days.
I left the PCI NICs behind as they are so cheap to just buy.

I rescued 4 IBM brand PCs (P-II, various MHz, HD, RAM): 3 PC 365s and
1 PC 350, 5 IBM brand keyboards and 10 ft. power cords to go with them.

Sridhar has spoken for the tape library, but a couple of you folks
also expressed interest.  Perhaps if Sridhar doesn't feel like paying
the freight shipping (it will be pricey as I'm about 2,000+ miles away
from him) one of you that's closer would like it.  Feel free to
discuss that amongst yourselves!  They were happy that someone would
adopt it and its 3 dead drives and 1 good one plus media (which we
have to bulk erase, that's why it was removed) so that they don't have
to figure out how to dispose of the thing.

There are cases and complete PCs, all in working order as I posted
earlier.  These machines were used for testing until decomissioned for
being old, not broken.  All are free for pickup.  Employees already
took everything they wanted, although a few (like me) grabbed
additional items today.  (How can I resist free? :-).

If there is anyone local to 84095 zip code that repairs monitors,
there are about 20-40 monitors of various sizes (up to 21" IIRC) that
have problems but could probably be repaired quickly if you do that
sort of thing often enough to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot the
problems based on symptoms.
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