[rescue] SGI Tezro Availability

Aaron Finley aaronfinley at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 05:36:59 CST 2006

Do any of you know when Tezros are going to start coming up on the used

SGI Fuels have already hit the ground running at under $1000 with
V12s. I thought the Tezro and the Fuel came out at the same time, or
am I wrong? It is possible that SGI never sold any.

Along those same lines, whatever happened to the O2+? Never seen one
since SGI discontinued it.

Going to look at a big lot today. The guy in charge described it to me
as "IBM A-S.. 600? and some IBM R-S 8000 or something and some things
like Octane.. Silicon Graphics..ever heard of it?" Should be fun..

-- Aaron

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