[rescue] Will work, trade, or even pay, for an E250 keyswitch

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Thu Jan 26 18:34:40 CST 2006

> I don't have one unfortunately, but I've run into this exact situation
> once with a V240; had to borrow the key from an E450 to turn it on.  The
> key should be removable from all four positions, so if you're desperate
> you could take it out in the "on but locked" position; if it's a server,
> it'll be on all the time anyway, and if it's a desktop or a kickaround
> machine, you should be able to soft-poweroff the machine and then turn off
> the mains.  I don't remember if it will power on if you leave the
> keyswitch in on, but try it and see, if you can.
> One of the other guys on the list might have a spare one, or know where to
> get a spare one.  A Feebay search isn't turning up much, except for one
> E250 key for $70 (what?!).

Another possibility is the MIT lockpicking guide.

The worst thing ever, I picked the lock on an e250, over and over. Thought
the thing was broken. Turns out there is a cover switch, the cover was
slid back far enough that the system wouldn't come on.

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