[rescue] PCMCIA ethernet adapters & modems

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Thu Jan 26 15:50:14 CST 2006

> Anyone want one?  Work is discarding out about 70 of them.  There are
> a fair number of associated cable dongles, but I can't promise that I
> would be able to get a cable dongle for every ethernet adapter.  For
> the modems it looks like they all have xjacks.
> In 1 hr. 20 min. is when the stuff is open for all, so please reply
> promptly.

Addendum: I'm not selling them, they are free for local pickup (I'm in
Salt Lake City, 84106), or for the cost of shipping.  I will post back
after I know how many I've gotten.

There are also random PCI/ISA video cards, PCI/ISA ethernet cards and
a DLT tape library machine with 3 tape drives, 2 of them broken, and
scads of DLT tapes (I think that's the name of the tape; they are in
squarish plastic cartridges on shelves in the tape library).
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