[rescue] sun e5000 soc+ to clariion

Francois Dion francois.dion at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 11:31:31 CST 2006

Also, I was reading a post by craig morgan, replying to ben rockwood
about luxadm being dead, and here is what he said:

"`luxadm` has traditionally been associated with managing FC-AL
devices (it started as ssaadm to manage the SSA, in p-t-p mode 1/4
speed), but its now morphed in Sol8/9/10 into a generic FC utility and
interface to the `libg_fc` component. Hence its still a
troubleshooting/maintenance tool to generic FC devices. For instance,
`luxadm -e dump_map [dev]` works equally well on FC-AL or fabric

Yes, the new management contract is via `cfgadm_fp` into the FP
module, but much of the functionality is still available via trad
interfaces. In fact re-connecting to fabric devices is accomplished
via a `luxadm -e create_fabric_device` call at each boot 

All of the above is attributable to the SFS/SFK FC stack (aka
Leadville) support for Sun branded FC cards in Sol8/9/10  thats also
the clean interface point for STMS (MPxIO). Things are a little
changed for Sol10 to simplify again, but fundamentally we've been
offering that sort of simplicity of operation right thru the last 3
releases  but in typical Sun fashion haven't really shouted loudly
enough about it!

Anyway, once you've left the cruft of SCSI targets and crappy
persistent bindings techniques (and fake `sd` mappings) behind and got
with the dynamic `ssd` setup there is no going back ;-)

Have fun 


I tought some might be interested in knowing this. So apparently, no
need to modify /kernel/drv/sd.conf at all.


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