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velociraptor velociraptor at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 09:12:29 CST 2006

On 1/22/06, Sridhar Ayengar <ploopster at gmail.com> wrote:
> > For hundreds of dollars, I expect better. Solaris does better, and free
> > software does better.
> How much do commercial Solaris licenses for workstations cost?

With the hardware--nothing except the cost of media.  And you
don't need that if you are willing to DL.

I can't think of an instance where (at work) I've been charged for
a "license" for Solaris proper.  Unless you are buying multi-proc
systems used and want to be "legal" so you can put a service
contract on the things, I can't see any scenario where you'd have
to pay for Solaris.

Up until very recently, some of the "other stuff" cost $$, but that
appears to be going away unless you are a "very large" site.  For
instance, you only need to pay for the Sun LDAP server if you
have greater than 250K clients.  With Solaris, no need for a
separate LVM, either.  (In my mind, if UltraSparcs could come
closer to x86 pricing...well, the landscape of large clustering
environments would be a lot different.)

Contrast this with the pricing model of Windows, AIX, and pretty
much every other *nix I can think of that is not OSS...


ps To be honest, there's troll smell in this thread...

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