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Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Sat Jan 21 22:08:29 CST 2006

On Sat, Jan 21, 2006 at 07:36:02PM -0500, Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:

> Gnome dropped CORBA though. They only used it partway through 1.x and
> moved to their own IPC system. I suppose you can say it is based on
> CORBA, but I got lost some time ago, and it just doesn't look the same
> to me any more.

Do you mean dbus?  If so, it isn't strictly GNOME's to my
understanding.  It looks better to me, but I haven't actually played
with it, just skimmed an article about it.
> ...and yet, they put a lot of effort into duplicating Outlook/Exchange
> and .NET.

For many people duplicating outlook is important.  While I hate outlook
(and have a strong dislike of Evolution), using linux at work would be
significantly less pleasant without Evolution, in a mostly MS
environment that I can't control.  

While from some perspectives it would make sense to do their own thing
instead of copying Exchange, the truth is that they already have an
Exchange client built into Evolution, and acceptance of a free groupware
system is going to be limited if management and sales can't use their
Outlook with it.

With any luck it would be structured to allow more flexible client
interfaces to be added in the future though, so that more clients would
be encouraged to be developed.  I can think of a few things that at
first might be cool (a windowmaker dock item for callendering), but in
retrospect, I really don't want email or calendaring intruding into my
work with sounds, notifications, flashing things, or even an indicator

Joshua D. Boyd
jdboyd at jdboyd.net

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