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Sat Jan 21 21:55:17 CST 2006

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    Sridhar Ayengar <ploopster at gmail.com>  writes:

> Windows costs almost three hundred dollars.  I expect a lot more from an 
> OS that costs about two days worth of hard earned salary.

Photoshop (and many other applications) cost $500.  Do you expect more
from Photoshop than you expect from your OS?

Prices are all relative and not everyone pays retail either.  Upgrades
typically cost less, but the last time I paid for a legitimate copy of
Windows was Windows 95.  MS gave me a copy of Windows 2000 and
everything I've used since then, but I admit that's not typical for a
user.  MS gives away tons of stuff to developers though.  As a
developer I've been treated very well by MS, while Sun/SGI/etc. never
gave me the time of day, much less free dev tools.

Again, I know you're all wanting to jump up and down on my head right
now, but this is my personal experience.  At the risk of stating the
obvious, your personal experience will be different.
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