[rescue] sun e5000 soc+ to clariion

Francois Dion francois.dion at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 15:45:34 CST 2006

> #luxadm -e port
> /devices/sbus at 6,0/SUNW,socal at d,10000:0                        NOT CONNECTED
> /devices/sbus at 6,0/SUNW,socal at d,10000:1                        NOT CONNECTED

Do I need to add anything to sd.conf?

I tried adding this:
name="sd" class="scsi" target=20 lun=0 hba="sf0" wwn="2000006016fe196d";

Guessing here....

So what steps would one take to add a third party FC jbod?

Also, the clariion is connected using a pair of Methode db9 to SC dup,
and then I'm using SC to SC duplex 50/125 fiber cable. One media
interface adapter is on controller 1 port A and the other is on
controller 2 port B. I'm assuming that is the proper way to wire this.

I'm puzzled by the ONLINE in the boot messages and luxadm -e port
reporting NOT CONNECTED...

Any help welcome.


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