[rescue] info trumps man

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Fri Jan 20 20:41:18 CST 2006

Richard wrote:
> In article <dqouqg$jkr$1 at dopiaza.cabal.org.uk>,
>     abuse at cabal.org.uk (Peter Corlett)  writes:
>>I think I'd rather look for a new career than have to earn a crust
>>programming Win32.
> I'm a self-confessed mass-market slut.  I gave up being religious
> about my computing platform after securing a bank loan (cosigned by my
> parents) for about $4,000 in 1985 in order to acquire an Amiga 1000.
> After pouring very hard earned money down that rathole, I vowed never
> to be swimming upstream against the computing market.  

Supporting UNIX is not swimming upstream though.

It might be where you live, I don't know, but comparing Amiga to UNIX is 
like comparing apples to quasars.

> That attitude
> has kept me employed on more than one occasion while my *nix coworker
> bigots struggled to find work, and when they did find it, it was at
> reduced pay while I got a raise.  To each his own, though.

There are times and places when you have to pick what positions are 
open.  I'm looking at a couple of short contracts right now, which I 
don't really like, but its what I have to do to keep afloat.

That said, Windows employment in most places I've seen seems to be a 
very up and down affair, kind of like being a boomtown whore.

Microsoft MCSE's are a dime a dozen locally, and the majority of them 
are flipping burgers, waiting tables, or operating a cash register.

Windows programmers don't seem to be having much luck either.

Hiring practices have changed a lot too, and I think some of the lack of 
jobs is actually artificial, because a frequent complaint from companies 
is that they can't find people.

Ten years ago I would apply directly for a job, or even pound pavement 
and hand out my resume in person.  I interviewed with the hiring 
managers or even an engineer or programmer directly.  I never talked to 
HR until *AFTER* I was hired.

Now it is the opposite, and HR has absolutely no idea how to hire 
someone like me.  Since I'm not usually buzzword compliant, I often 
can't even get the first interview if I have to go through HR.

I think it might be changing a bit though.  I'm starting to get 
interviews here and there, and it isn't with HR, it is directly with the 
staff I'd be working for.  Maybe at least some companies are learning.

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