[rescue] info trumps man

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Thu Jan 19 22:31:11 CST 2006

der Mouse wrote:
>>You can call the plain and obvious effect of market forces "the
>>devil" and try to swim uphill while you remain unemployed or
>>underemployed, or you can simply acknowledge the reality of the
>>marketplace and pay your bills with much less stress.
> Who seays it's "much less stress"?  Working with Windows would be
> *serious* stress for me.  (I know.  I spent a month as a Windows
> sysadmin once, and I occasionally have to RDP into a Windows machine at
> work now.)  Even if I had trouble finding work as a Unix sysadmin,
> working in Windows wouldn't be "much less stress"; it would be
> *different* stress, and, at least for me, probably no less stress....

I agree. The incredible stupidity of Windows stresses me out no end.

I have a terminal server I have used for months. I moved it into the 
server room today, restarted it, and it told me I had "new hardware". 
WTF? That sort of stuff happens *way* too often.

Windows does not work the way I think an OS should, so trying to figure 
it out *is* stress. I can't do a good job when I am forcing myself to go 
to a job I don't like.

In fact, to take that a step further, I find cheap x86 hardware stresses 
me out, too. I'd much rather work on any Sun hardware. Generally it Just 

And I am in the job market in Maine, no less. ;-) My whole state only 
has about a million and a quarter people in it. But I still don't do 


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