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> Yes, but did you enjoy the Amiga?

The architecture, yes.  But the A1000 was not expandable into a
genuinely useful configuration -- adding a hard drive cost as much as
an entire PC/DOS system with hard drive at the time.  It frustrated me
because it had so much potential but it became a gigantic dead-end as
far as making money was concerned.

> Why feel bad about it?

I don't feel bad about it, I just resolved to do things differently
after that experience.

I'm not knocking unix.  If someone offered to hire me for a unix gig,
I could do it and would have no problem doing it.  But I knew plenty of
people with comparable unix skills in the 1998-2001 time frame and they
all had difficulty finding work in the local market.  Meanwhile, I was
learning Windows and had no difficulty finding work.  Different cities
have different technology ecosystems.  Not so long ago around here,
everyone wanted you to know Novell networks :-).

I'm neither anti-unix, nor am I pro-Microsoft.  I simply spend my time
investing in new skills in order to keep myself viable within the
marketplace.  The unix bigots that I knew invested themselves in
platform religion and from my point of view, to the detriment of their
marketability locally.  They themselves confess that they had
difficulty finding work, and when they did find work, it was at lesser
pay than before.

    Population in 2000
    529,121  Portland
  3,421,399  Oregon

    181,743  Salt Lake City
  2,233,169  Utah

I can imagine that these demographic facts make Portland a very
different market for computing jobs than Salt Lake City.  Oregon has
about 50% more population than Utah as a whole and Portland has about
290% more population than Salt Lake City.  Then there's the history of
the quantity and nature of the technology firms in the two cities.  So
comparing Salt Lake City to Portland is not very much of an apples-to-
apples comparison.
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