[rescue] sun stuff for sale... all items $5 !

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Thu Jan 19 17:53:34 CST 2006

mbus processors
SM61 processors $5 each (6 or more available)
SM51 processors $5 each (2 available)
SM50 processor $5

64MB 60ns DIMMs for SS10/SS20/Ultra 1/Ultra 2/Ultra 30/Ultra 60/etc $5ea
16MB SS10 DIMMs... 8 DIMMs $5.00 for all 8

CD-ROM drives
SS20 cdrom (1/3rd height drive (for Aurora I chassis)) $5.00

Power Supplies
SS10 power supply $5.00
SS20 power supply $5.00
SS1/1+/2 power supply $5.00

Hard Drives
4.5G SCA connector hard drives (1" height) (SS5/20, U1/2/30/60/more) $5 each
50 pin 2G hard drives for SS10, SS2, SS1/1+, and more...$5 each.
50 pin 1G hard drives for SS10, SS2, SS1/1+, and more...2 for $5.00

SS10 'bare' systems (mobo, eprom, nvram, power supply, chassis, and
cabling)... $5.00 each.  I WILL send you just the part(s) you want
if you don't want the whole base.

SS10 drive mounting 'nubs'... 8 nubs (to mount 2 drives): $5.00

External drive boxes
Sun 411 external drive cases.  $5 each

-- Curt

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