[rescue] info trumps man

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Thu Jan 19 15:10:35 CST 2006

In article <dqouqg$jkr$1 at dopiaza.cabal.org.uk>,
    abuse at cabal.org.uk (Peter Corlett)  writes:

> I think I'd rather look for a new career than have to earn a crust
> programming Win32.

I'm a self-confessed mass-market slut.  I gave up being religious
about my computing platform after securing a bank loan (cosigned by my
parents) for about $4,000 in 1985 in order to acquire an Amiga 1000.
After pouring very hard earned money down that rathole, I vowed never
to be swimming upstream against the computing market.  That attitude
has kept me employed on more than one occasion while my *nix coworker
bigots struggled to find work, and when they did find it, it was at
reduced pay while I got a raise.  To each his own, though.
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