[rescue] Last AIX 4.3.2 ML Media?

Kevin Loch kloch at gurunet.net
Thu Jan 19 09:51:36 CST 2006

Eric Webb wrote:
> Don't ask me why we still have a production application running 4.3.2, it will 
> make me feel ill all over again.
> Does anyone know what the last maintenance level release for 4.3.2 was, and if 
> so, any chance you could grab an ISO of it for me?  IBM only lists 4.3.3 on 
> their website anymore and I have a machine that likes to get hung every once 
> in a while... pings and telnet answers, but nothing comes back after that.

Sounds like it ran out of memory and can't fork login.  That happens 
even on AIX 5.x when I try to copy a file larger than physical ram.
It usually clears up once the operation hogging memory finishes.

I think I have 4.3.2 media at home, what version do you need?

- Kevin

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