[rescue] Serial console on an IBM RS/6000 3CT

Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 08:22:07 CST 2006

Andrew Jones wrote:
>>Do you have the key?  If so, boot it in service mode.  It should ask you 
>>where the console is.
> I don't have the key, but the case is unlocked.  So I just popped the
> back of the lock off and used a screwdriver to twist the switch over one
> notch, into what I was hoping was the "service" position.
> Nothing appears to change regardless of the position of the switch that
> was in the back of the lock.  The reset button, for instance, is always
> inactive (as far as I can tell without a console).

The switch might be broken or stuck.  One thing I've found in my 
experience is that an RS/6000 with no key is pretty close to useless.

>>And yes, there won't be any console output if you don't have a bootable 
>>CD-ROM or HDD.
> With AIX 5.1 disc 1 inserted, when I press the power switch, the
> following happens, in this order:
> 1. "120" on the 3-digit display.
> 2. "124" on the 3-digit display.
> 3. CD-ROM drive blinks a bit.
> 4. Hard drive spins up.
> Nothing ever comes up on the serial port.

The machine won't boot of the CD-ROM unless the key is in "service" 
position.  If the reset button doesn't work, then the key is in "secure" 

Peace...  Sridhar

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