[rescue] X11 (was NeWS. Heck, maybe still is.)

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Wed Jan 18 16:53:05 CST 2006

gw <gw at citasystems.com> wrote:
> Yep. Funny how I've completely internalized black text on a light
> background as being "normal".

Not here, but mainly only because I tend to use Linux and/or GNU
applications, and they're too dumb to realise that the world is not a
VGA textmode display.

I usually just hit control-alt-cloverleaf-8 when I find white-on-black
a bit hard on the eyes. It inverts the colours from said duff "all the
world's a 386" tools too, but I don't generally find this a problem.

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