[rescue] X11 (was NeWS. Heck, maybe still is.)

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Wed Jan 18 13:12:15 CST 2006

>>> Got any screenshots?
>> Easy enough to make, as it happens; [...].
> I got your screen shot.  I thought you didn't like reverse video?

I don't.

> This gif is white text on a black background.

Right.  *Out of* reverse video, unlike most of the pointy-clicky things
which insist on sticking you with reverse video whether you like it or
not (and when they do let you get out of it, they usually (mis)label
the "out of reverse video" option to imply that it's going *into*
reverse video, an interesting and somewhat annoying redefinition).

> I assume the lack of scroll bars means most everything is text based
> so that you use something akin to "less" to see stuff which has
> disappeared off the top of the windows?

Stuff that's disappeared (whether by scrolling off the top of the
window or by any other means) is gone.  When I want paging and
backscroll, I generally feed stuff to less, yes.  (I've been thinking
about adding some kind of scrollback to my terminal emulator.  But it
doesn't have any at the moment.)

> I downloaded lcs-cvt, makefile, makewrapper, mimeutils, nc, and
> ppmplot to look at.  I applaud your use of portable-bit-map
> utilities.  Talk about portable!

Thank you, thank you! :-)  Yes, I do tend to use the pbmplus formats
for image interchange.  Some of my programs even support P7 and P8, for
images with an alpha channel, though I don't yet have enough tools
using them for the capability to be very useful.

> Have you looked at the "hot off the presses" X11 new release
> mentioned on slashdot a couple weeks ago?

No; I wasn't aware of it.  (I don't watch slashdot, nor indeed pretty
much anything else Web-based.)

> The article claimed that clarity was a major goal to this in order to
> attract new coders to the cause.

Goodness knows it could use it.

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