[rescue] Looking for an USII/300 module and answer to question about PN's

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Wed Jan 18 10:58:42 CST 2006

I think you are in good shape with anothe r501-4849, never mind the "-03" or 
Rev 61 information.

If you find yourself concerned about this, I'd suggest buying a pair of 
matched 300 MHz CPUs and then sell your odd CPU. If 300 MHz wasn't the 
fastest supported CPU, I'd strongly suggest upgrading them - not becuse 300 
MHz is slow, but becuse 450 MHz CPUs are pretty cheap these days on eBay 
(great for folks with U60s and some U2 systems)...

The E250 is a great machine, esp. once yoou stuff the front with 1.6" SCA 
drives and add lots of RAM in thsoe 16 slots...


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>I received my E250 yesterday. The eBay auction went reasonably well, but


> So, I am searching for an UltraSparc II/300 CPU module to buy from a
> resq member or possibly trade, if I have anything they would find of
> use. My current CPU says: 501-4849-03 Rev 61 - I know that the CPU
> modules must be matched sets, but how precisely must they match? I
> apologize for my ignorance, but for example, would a 501-4849-02 (if
> there is such a thing) work? Or, would it have to be a 501-4849-03, but
> revision, say, 59 would be okay? I have never had to deal with this
> issue before, so I don't know how to interpret these Sun part numbers. I
> am under the impression that the speed and cache are the critical
> variables, and that possibly any 501-4849 would work. Is that correct? I
> googled the issue without finding a definitive answer to "how close is
> close enough"?

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