[rescue] X11 (was NeWS. Heck, maybe still is.)

gw gw at citasystems.com
Wed Jan 18 10:34:04 CST 2006

>> Got any screenshots?
>Easy enough to make, as it happens; I have a program that snapshots the
>framebuffer, below the level of X.  (xwd -root does not work very well
>for this server; I conjecture it's got something to do with the
>8bpp/24bpp mismatch.  Never bothered me enough to make me track the
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I got your screen shot. I thought you didn't like reverse video? This gif is 
white text on a black background. I assume the lack of scroll bars means most 
everything is text based so that you use something akin to "less" to see stuff 
which has disappeared off the top of the windows?

I downloaded lcs-cvt, makefile, makewrapper, mimeutils, nc, and ppmplot to look 
at. I applaud your use of portable-bit-map utilities. Talk about portable!

Have you looked at the "hot off the presses" X11 new release mentioned on 
slashdot a couple weeks ago? The article claimed that clarity was a major goal 
to this in order to attract new coders to the cause.

George Wyche

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