[rescue] NeWS (was: FS/FTGH: Sun kit)

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Wed Jan 18 01:00:30 CST 2006

>> I'm not sure whether I'm bragging or complaining when I say this,
>> but, I have.  As I sit here and look at my X screen, every client -
>> every last one of them - is my own code, written directly atop Xlib.
> Ha!  The dangers of posting rants when I read the list in digest
> mode...  Having played with virtually every window manager/OS/toolkit
> combination at one point or another, I thought I'd seen them all...

:-)  Well, my code is not the most widely distributed stuff out there.
It tends to be written to do what I want and not a whole lot more, so
it's not what you want unless your tastes are pretty close to mine.
(Which yours fairly clearly aren't, if you liked NextStep.)

Much of the code in question is up for anonymous FTP from
ftp.rodents.montreal.qc.ca (see /mouse/X/ in particular).  All of it
*should* be; I've just been lazy about moving stuff into the FTP area.

> That is majorly impressive.  I mean, either you are really into pain,
> or you have way too much time on your hands. :-)

Well, this setup *has* evolved over something like 20 years, since I
first started playing with X.  I wouldn't say I *have* too much time on
my hands, but certainly there have been times when I *had*.

> Got any screenshots?

Easy enough to make, as it happens; I have a program that snapshots the
framebuffer, below the level of X.  (xwd -root does not work very well
for this server; I conjecture it's got something to do with the
8bpp/24bpp mismatch.  Never bothered me enough to make me track the
root cause down.)

ftp.rodents.montreal.qc.ca:/mouse/misc/screenshot.gif.  The grey
rectangle at the bottom near the middle is there because the raw
snapshot contained a few phone numbers (the five-line window at the
bottom it is showing my house phone line's caller-ID log); I don't like
to hand out others' phone numbers without checking, so I just plopped
that rectangle into the dumped image.  It's not hiding anything
relevant to the discussion.

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