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Erie Patsellis erie at shelbyvilledesign.com
Tue Jan 17 16:21:52 CST 2006

about 6 mos before the Next came out, we had 3 of them....they served me 
quite well for many years.


Richard wrote:

>In article <43CCF9EA.2000606 at shelbyvilledesign.com>,
>    Erie Patsellis <erie at shelbyvilledesign.com>  writes:
>>or worse yet, program in postscript (I had one of the earlies of the 
>>linotronics, the first year, I set type by typing raw postscript. God, I 
>>don't miss those days
>Speaking of PostScript, I remember before the X Window System became
>the defacto window system on all workstations that people often talked
>about how wonderful NeWS was for its display postscript model.  God,
>was that ever a setup that was WAY overhyped.  I tried writing some UI
>by programming the display postscript and it was horrible.  If you
>could get it to work, it worked fine, but the documentation sucked and
>there was literally no way you could debug the thing other than manual
>code inspection.  Its one of those things where people think that
>simply having the architecture is what defines a great product, never
>thinking about the programming and development environment.  Within
>one year of that (and I am a PostScript fan, even) experience, noone
>was running NeWS on any of the workstations around campus -- they had
>all switched to the X Window System 11 Release 3.

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