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Tue Jan 17 11:36:46 CST 2006

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> or worse yet, program in postscript (I had one of the earlies of the 
> linotronics, the first year, I set type by typing raw postscript. God, I 
> don't miss those days

Speaking of PostScript, I remember before the X Window System became
the defacto window system on all workstations that people often talked
about how wonderful NeWS was for its display postscript model.  God,
was that ever a setup that was WAY overhyped.  I tried writing some UI
by programming the display postscript and it was horrible.  If you
could get it to work, it worked fine, but the documentation sucked and
there was literally no way you could debug the thing other than manual
code inspection.  Its one of those things where people think that
simply having the architecture is what defines a great product, never
thinking about the programming and development environment.  Within
one year of that (and I am a PostScript fan, even) experience, noone
was running NeWS on any of the workstations around campus -- they had
all switched to the X Window System 11 Release 3.
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