[rescue] My Best Rescue to Date.. Ever

Francois Dion francois.dion at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 08:40:46 CST 2006

On 1/17/06, Charles Shannon Hendrix <shannon at widomaker.com> wrote:
> Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:
> > On Sun, 15 Jan 2006, Sridhar Ayengar wrote:
> >
> >
> >>>Out of curiosity, why not?  We're running 5.1 and 5.2 around here and
> >>>thinking about moving up...
> >>
> >>Bloat.
> >
> >
> > Bloated, yes, but it seems to do a better job of keeping userland
> > processes running even under heavy I/O.  Most of that bloat doesn't even
> > have to get installed, btw, unless you -want- wsm and DB/2 and whatever
> > else they've crammed onto the distribution media.
> Is that a full version of DB/2, or just the runtime needed for
> I hate to see them bloating the OS media.  *ALL* of the UNIX system
> installs should seperate the base OS install from everything else.
> Having to select/deselect packages during initial install is a major PITA.
> A simple base OS with an unpolluted and unbloated install, and
> everything else seperate like it should be.
> Like... NetBSD.  Linux distributions, Sun, IBM, etc... they could all
> learn a lot from those guys.

On Solaris, setup a jumpstart server with the base SUNW cluster setup
unattended. I can install machines within minutes with that setup by
simply doing a "boot net" at the OBP. Thing is, with a base install
you wont be able to get any blastwave package or sunfreeware to run on

A full install (all + OEM) can be done over lunch. On x86 with working
PXE (older intel NICs gave me some problems in the past but anything
more recent works great) is as painless too. I got a machine that is
head of a cluster I use to do rendering and is also a jumpstart
server. I can do a brand new install of the latest OS on all 4
machines by booting them from the network, go to lunch and when I come
back they are all done ready for me. I then run a script to add my own
package and I'm up and running. Been doing this for the past 2 years,
since Solaris 9. I did try a CD install for opensolaris and I was not
successful, it wouldn't recognise the CD late in the install. I also
tried a Sol 10 1/06 DVD install and that went well and reasonably
fast, but when you are used to jumpstart...


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