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der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Mon Jan 16 22:20:54 CST 2006

> The reason that I say it "almost certainly" doesn't have 3D support
> is that anyone wanting 3D support isn't going to tolerate the low
> color fidelity of an 8-bit framebuffer.

Today?  Sure.

When the cg6 was designed and introduced?  I'm not nearly so sure.

> Yes, you can dither to an 8-bit palette, but the result is so crappy
> looking that you might as well not bother.

Depends on what you're after.  Colour fidelity - smooth washes,
Phong/Gouraud shading, that sort of thing - are not always what you
want, even if you're doing 3D.  I once wrote some code that generated
stereo pairs of synthetic data.  Knowing how to use the transform
engine in the cg6 would have helped considerably, even though the
colour capabilities were not at issue (indeed, I needed so few colours
I could split the bits-per-pixel in half and do colourmap-based double
buffering, which meant only four bits of colour index per frame).

> I know lots of people that can't stand the color fidelity in 24-bit
> frame buffers!

So, if you're doing something needing good colour fidelity, the cg6 may
not be a good choice.  But even if that correlates positively with
doing 3D (something I have no specific evidence for or against, though
I find it plausible), the correlation is far from perfect.

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