[rescue] Alphaserver parts, long overdue

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Sun Jan 15 12:28:26 CST 2006

Long long after I should have, I finally located and got around to
finding suitable shipping boxes for all the Alphaserver parts we brought
to New Hampshire with us from North Carolina.  I will ship them to the
first person who wants them, for cost of shipping or any higher offer
you care to make.  :)

The list:

Two Alphaserver 2100 power supplies with all required wiring harnesses
(but not the mounting screws, sorry, I think they're still in North

The following cards:
2x 54-22944-01 i960/LSI SCSI RAID controller, PCI
50-22468-01 Ethernet NIC, 10base2/10baseT/AUI, PCI
50-22498-01 DEFPA single FDDI controller, PCI
50-22498-01 DEFPA dual FDDI controller, PCI
ATI mach64 VGA framebuffer, ISA

I don't particularly wish to deal with splitting up the cards now that I
have them packed.  I'll send the cards and power supplies to separate
people, or to one person in the same box, first come first served.  I
estimate the complete box at around 40lb, the vast majority of which is
of course the power supplies.

The zip code of origin is 03051; your local FedEx office should be able
to give you a shipping quote for a 40lb box, 18"x17"x7", from 03051 to
your zip code via FedEx Ground.  (I'll ship UPS ground if you really
prefer, but honestly, you're on your own if they destroy it.)

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