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Bryan Gurney arb_npx42 at comcast.net
Sun Jan 15 11:59:21 CST 2006

I'm across the pond, and more stuff than room as it is, but I have to ask:  
do the Compaq disk arrays take the old-style disk trays (two maroon levers  
and three LEDs on the front) or the new-style disk trays (aluminum  
louvres, single black release lever, and lightpipes for the status LEDs)?

On Sun, 15 Jan 2006 12:50:49 -0500, Shirker <shirker at mooli.org.uk> wrote:

> Hi rescuers,
> I have the following to dispose of.
> The basis is "best offer takes it". Your offers can start from zero. If
> that's the only offer I get, you will receive the unit for that much. If
> you really want it, and you think there may be competition, offer more ;)
> All these machines have memory. If I have a rough idea how much, I've
> stated it. If I haven't stated it, it's because the machine is 10  
> machines
> deep in a stack and I don't have the time to dig it out to check. Some
> machines even have disks - not many though. Older machines are likely
> (pretty much guaranteed, in fact) to have flat NVRAM batteries.
> This equipment is all located in West Yorkshire, UK. You must collect,
> unless you want to pay a reasonable rate for me to pack things carefully
> and take them to the post office, in which case I'll ship.
> Here we go:
> sun4c:
> SPARCstation 2: 2 off
> SPARCstation 2 clone (German): 1 off (can take internal CDROM)
> SPARCstation SLC: 1 off (you can have an ELC board to make
> this into a slightly faster ELC - see below)
> SPARCstation IPX: 2 off (one of these has quite a lot of memory IIRC)
> SPARCstation ELC (complete): 1 off
> SPARCstation ELC (motherboard and connector board only): about 10 off
> (you can quite happily run these headless off a normal PC power supply,
> see here: http://www.sunhelp.org/~mouse/ )
> SPARCstation 4: 2 off. One has 96MB ram and 1GB HDD fitted, the other is
> unknown config.
> SPARCstation 5: 1 off. 110MHz, not sure of memory, no disks.
> sun4u:
> Ultra 1 (not an e): not sure of spec so assume 140MHz and you won't be
> disappointed. About 192MB memory, no disks.
> Various:
> Type 611 disk pack: 8 off. Will ship these FOC if you only want one or
> two - you still pay postage.
> Plextor CD tower: metal case with 7 off 12-speed Plextor SCSI CDROM  
> drives
> in it, and two Centronics SCSI ports on the back.
> IBM/Lexmark 4079PS inket printer: Will do A3. Standard memory 4MB but  
> this
> one has been upgraded to 16MB. Postscript. Complete with 13? (IIRC) spare
> ink cartridges. Needs a bit of TLC as the previous owner used cheap
> third-party inks in it and the heads are a bit clogged, but a nice  
> printer
> if someone takes the time to do that. Is perilously close to being thrown
> in a landfill.
> Compaq "Storage System" 4U rackmount disk arrays. Will hold 14 1" drives
> or 8 1.6" drives, in trays which are ludicrously cheap on ePay. I have
> quite a few of the trays, and will split them out so that they are fairly
> shared out between each array. Have 1 or 2 (varies) 68-pin SCSI ports on
> the back. Can take two power supplies, but only come with one. I think
> some of these may well have Ethernet for monitoring, as well. 3 off. I
> also have the Compaq RAID cards that go with these - apparently these  
> have
> to go in a Windows machine for setup, but will then run fine under Linux.
> Compaq "Storage System" mass storage housing. 5U (I think) rackmount,  
> will
> take 4 full-height drives. IIRC this has wide SCSI cabling, but I have  
> the
> cabling to convert it to narrow as well (or the other way round).
> DEC BA356 disk shelf. Power supply and 6 disk trays (out of a total of 7
> possible) fitted. I think most (probably all) have disks in them, 4
> canisters are labelled as 9.1 and the other 2 as 4.3. I think this needs  
> a
> personality module - on the right hand side of the disks is a gap with  
> two
> VHDCI connectors recessed into it. I also have about 6 spare power
> supplies for this - see my next email for more details.
> Lots and lots of SCSI cables of all shapes and sizes.
> A large box full of SBUS cards. There are a few I'll be keeping, but
> the rest of the crate is up for grabs. It's largely network, SCSI and
> graphics cards. You can't have the box, sorry, just its contents ;)
> Rules: please email your offer(s) within 14 days if you want anything,
> then I'll contact people and let them know.
> Keep an eye out for more emails - there's a bit more stuff (weird cables
> and adaptors, and some more hardware) that needs to go too.
> Ed.
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