[rescue] FS/FTGH: Sun kit

Shirker shirker at mooli.org.uk
Sun Jan 15 11:50:49 CST 2006

Hi rescuers,

I have the following to dispose of.

The basis is "best offer takes it". Your offers can start from zero. If 
that's the only offer I get, you will receive the unit for that much. If 
you really want it, and you think there may be competition, offer more ;)

All these machines have memory. If I have a rough idea how much, I've 
stated it. If I haven't stated it, it's because the machine is 10 machines 
deep in a stack and I don't have the time to dig it out to check. Some 
machines even have disks - not many though. Older machines are likely 
(pretty much guaranteed, in fact) to have flat NVRAM batteries.

This equipment is all located in West Yorkshire, UK. You must collect, 
unless you want to pay a reasonable rate for me to pack things carefully 
and take them to the post office, in which case I'll ship.

Here we go:


SPARCstation 2: 2 off
SPARCstation 2 clone (German): 1 off (can take internal CDROM)
SPARCstation SLC: 1 off (you can have an ELC board to make 
this into a slightly faster ELC - see below)
SPARCstation IPX: 2 off (one of these has quite a lot of memory IIRC)
SPARCstation ELC (complete): 1 off
SPARCstation ELC (motherboard and connector board only): about 10 off 
(you can quite happily run these headless off a normal PC power supply, 
see here: http://www.sunhelp.org/~mouse/ )
SPARCstation 4: 2 off. One has 96MB ram and 1GB HDD fitted, the other is
unknown config.
SPARCstation 5: 1 off. 110MHz, not sure of memory, no disks.


Ultra 1 (not an e): not sure of spec so assume 140MHz and you won't be 
disappointed. About 192MB memory, no disks.


Type 611 disk pack: 8 off. Will ship these FOC if you only want one or 
two - you still pay postage.

Plextor CD tower: metal case with 7 off 12-speed Plextor SCSI CDROM drives 
in it, and two Centronics SCSI ports on the back.

IBM/Lexmark 4079PS inket printer: Will do A3. Standard memory 4MB but this 
one has been upgraded to 16MB. Postscript. Complete with 13? (IIRC) spare 
ink cartridges. Needs a bit of TLC as the previous owner used cheap 
third-party inks in it and the heads are a bit clogged, but a nice printer 
if someone takes the time to do that. Is perilously close to being thrown 
in a landfill.

Compaq "Storage System" 4U rackmount disk arrays. Will hold 14 1" drives 
or 8 1.6" drives, in trays which are ludicrously cheap on ePay. I have 
quite a few of the trays, and will split them out so that they are fairly 
shared out between each array. Have 1 or 2 (varies) 68-pin SCSI ports on 
the back. Can take two power supplies, but only come with one. I think 
some of these may well have Ethernet for monitoring, as well. 3 off. I 
also have the Compaq RAID cards that go with these - apparently these have 
to go in a Windows machine for setup, but will then run fine under Linux.

Compaq "Storage System" mass storage housing. 5U (I think) rackmount, will 
take 4 full-height drives. IIRC this has wide SCSI cabling, but I have the 
cabling to convert it to narrow as well (or the other way round).

DEC BA356 disk shelf. Power supply and 6 disk trays (out of a total of 7 
possible) fitted. I think most (probably all) have disks in them, 4 
canisters are labelled as 9.1 and the other 2 as 4.3. I think this needs a 
personality module - on the right hand side of the disks is a gap with two 
VHDCI connectors recessed into it. I also have about 6 spare power 
supplies for this - see my next email for more details.

Lots and lots of SCSI cables of all shapes and sizes.

A large box full of SBUS cards. There are a few I'll be keeping, but 
the rest of the crate is up for grabs. It's largely network, SCSI and 
graphics cards. You can't have the box, sorry, just its contents ;)

Rules: please email your offer(s) within 14 days if you want anything, 
then I'll contact people and let them know.

Keep an eye out for more emails - there's a bit more stuff (weird cables 
and adaptors, and some more hardware) that needs to go too.


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