[rescue] thought on finding good home for sun collection

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Jan 14 00:12:51 CST 2006


  In some ways it almost sounds like you're describing my
'collection'... except the newest thing I have is a U60...
but I have a 2/120, 386i (3 of 'em), 486i, 3/50, 3/60,
3/80, an x/x50 chassis that I'll probably make into a
3/450 (pegasus in a smaller chassis), etc...

  The netharlands is too far to ship anything... but if
you divide things up... I'm interested in boards for
my sun2/120 provided you have any (memory, graphics, cpu,
net, etc).

  I should shrink my collection... but it's tough...
what goes ?  what stays ?  too many choices...

-- Curt

On Fri, 2006-01-13 at 08:40, Walter Belgers wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have been collecting Sun systems and software for a bout 10 years now
> (I started with "computers", then specialised on "UNIX" and later on
> "Sun" because it became too much). I am currently running out of space
> to store my Suns and am thinking about getting rid of them and only
> keeping the software for my OS collection.
> I am hoping to get "some" money for it, as I have paid to get many items
> (although some I got for free) and some items are pretty rare.
> Would anybody here have thoughts on:
> - if it is feasible to sell the collection as a whole?
>   does anybody have experience?
> - would you recommend selling via eBay?
> - would you recommend ripping out the parts and selling those (memory,
>   sbus cards, NVRAMs are easier to ship and may be more in demand than
>   complete systems)
> The collection consists of (probably more, I am doing this by memory):
> (all machines are well-equipped, like colour boards in 3/60, VSIMMs in SS10
> and SS20 (8Mb), extra SBUS cards (SCSI, network) in all of them, dual-proc
> where possible, memory expansions in Sun 3's):
> - Sun 2: Sun 2/50 and some 2/110 parts/boards
> - Sun 3: Sun 3/50 (several), Sun 3/60 (several, also with built-in
>          harddisk, some with coprocessor, some with colour graphics),
>          Sun 3/80, Sun 3/160
> - Sun 4 pizzabox: SS1, SS1+ (several), SS2, SS4 (several), SS5 (several),
> 	SS10 (several), SS20 (both station and server), Xterminal-1
> - Sun 4 lunchbox: IPX, IPC, Classic, ClassicX, LX (+ a bunch of spare
> 	lunchboxes)
> - Sun 4: ELC, SLC, big 4/3x0 server, SS1000, Voyager (b/w)
> - Clones: Axil (SS10), Solair (SS1), Solais (SS5), Fujitsu (SS5)
> - Ultra: U1, U2, U5 (several), U10, U30 (several)
> - Sun i386/250
> - Enterprise 3500 (6x250Mhz, 3GB, 10x9GB)
> - Enterprise E450 (4x400MHz, 2GB, 10x18GB+10x36GB )
> - Blade 100, Blade 150
> - SunRay 1, SunRay 100
> - Sparcbook 1, Sparcbook 3
> - Javastation-1 ("brick"), Javastation-NC ("krups")
> - Parts: several monitors, including several ECL monitors, microphones,
>   webcams, shoeboxes, all possible enclosures (cdrom, QIC tape, 1xdisk,
>   1x fullheight disk, 4x disk, 12xdisk), multi-serial extension (with
>   cable and sbus card), many CPUs, SIMMs, disk brackets, disks
> - Many, many sbus cards (including many 100Mbps cards, video, token
>   ring, digitizer, fiber, ...)
> - sbus SunPC cards (486, pentium), pci SunPC cards (400MHz, 600MHz)
> - gigabit (sbus/fiber (several), pci/ethernet)
> - bunch of mice, keyboard, cables (type 2, type 3, type 4, type 5),
> - manuals: full SunOS 4 manual set, several system books (full i386
>   books, SS1 books etc)
> All this stuff is located in the Netherlands. Sun Netherlands does not
> seem to be interested.
> Cheers,
> Walter.

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