[rescue] thought on finding good home for sun collection

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Fri Jan 13 13:05:03 CST 2006

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> Would anybody here have thoughts on:
> - if it is feasible to sell the collection as a whole?
>   does anybody have experience
> If selling collections of computers is anything like selling collections
> of dishes or toy trains, you will get less money when you sell
> everything as one lot, whether on ebay or in person. Much easier,
> though. Everything leaves in one truck.

I agree with that.

> - would you recommend selling via eBay?
> - would you recommend ripping out the parts and selling those (memory,
>   sbus cards, NVRAMs are easier to ship and may be more in demand than
>   complete systems)
> My theory from trading on ebay is that one will almost always make more
> money parting things out than selling them whole.

I agree with this, but some people take it WAY too far.  Like always
selling the item and its manual separately.  That just ticks me off
for some reason!

In general I'd say try to find another computer collector on the
Continent to take over your collection wholesale.  There are several
collector's web sites that have storage spaces dedicated to their
collections and might enjoy adopting all your machines wholesale for
the price of going to your location, renting a truck and driving it
back.  (Or maybe renting one for the round-trip.)

I would start with that first.  As for recovering monies investing, I
think its safe to say that except for spare parts markets and recent
product that still has utilitarian value, the only people that think
anything old is worth money are collectors :-).
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