[rescue] thought on finding good home for sun collection

dsimmons dsimmons at libx.siu.edu
Fri Jan 13 09:30:39 CST 2006


Would anybody here have thoughts on:
- if it is feasible to sell the collection as a whole?
  does anybody have experience

If selling collections of computers is anything like selling collections
of dishes or toy trains, you will get less money when you sell
everything as one lot, whether on ebay or in person. Much easier,
though. Everything leaves in one truck.

- would you recommend selling via eBay?
- would you recommend ripping out the parts and selling those (memory,
  sbus cards, NVRAMs are easier to ship and may be more in demand than
  complete systems)

My theory from trading on ebay is that one will almost always make more
money parting things out than selling them whole. You have to accept
that there are going to be skeletons to be disposed of afterwards, and
parting things out requires much more selling effort on your part. There
are going to be exceptions: I suspect your 450 and 3500 are worth more
whole then parted if you can find a buyer on your continent. Mostly
because you'd sell ten pieces of each and then you'd get down to the
big, heavy, infrequently needed stuff. And oh my, if only I could make
you an offer on those... but the shipping alone... <hangs head in the
face of insurmountable obstacles>

Good luck.
Doug Simmons

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