[rescue] thought on finding good home for sun collection

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Fri Jan 13 07:40:41 CST 2006

Hi all,

I have been collecting Sun systems and software for a bout 10 years now
(I started with "computers", then specialised on "UNIX" and later on
"Sun" because it became too much). I am currently running out of space
to store my Suns and am thinking about getting rid of them and only
keeping the software for my OS collection.

I am hoping to get "some" money for it, as I have paid to get many items
(although some I got for free) and some items are pretty rare.

Would anybody here have thoughts on:
- if it is feasible to sell the collection as a whole?
  does anybody have experience?
- would you recommend selling via eBay?
- would you recommend ripping out the parts and selling those (memory,
  sbus cards, NVRAMs are easier to ship and may be more in demand than
  complete systems)

The collection consists of (probably more, I am doing this by memory):
(all machines are well-equipped, like colour boards in 3/60, VSIMMs in SS10
and SS20 (8Mb), extra SBUS cards (SCSI, network) in all of them, dual-proc
where possible, memory expansions in Sun 3's):
- Sun 2: Sun 2/50 and some 2/110 parts/boards
- Sun 3: Sun 3/50 (several), Sun 3/60 (several, also with built-in
         harddisk, some with coprocessor, some with colour graphics),
         Sun 3/80, Sun 3/160
- Sun 4 pizzabox: SS1, SS1+ (several), SS2, SS4 (several), SS5 (several),
	SS10 (several), SS20 (both station and server), Xterminal-1
- Sun 4 lunchbox: IPX, IPC, Classic, ClassicX, LX (+ a bunch of spare
- Sun 4: ELC, SLC, big 4/3x0 server, SS1000, Voyager (b/w)
- Clones: Axil (SS10), Solair (SS1), Solais (SS5), Fujitsu (SS5)
- Ultra: U1, U2, U5 (several), U10, U30 (several)
- Sun i386/250
- Enterprise 3500 (6x250Mhz, 3GB, 10x9GB)
- Enterprise E450 (4x400MHz, 2GB, 10x18GB+10x36GB )
- Blade 100, Blade 150
- SunRay 1, SunRay 100
- Sparcbook 1, Sparcbook 3
- Javastation-1 ("brick"), Javastation-NC ("krups")
- Parts: several monitors, including several ECL monitors, microphones,
  webcams, shoeboxes, all possible enclosures (cdrom, QIC tape, 1xdisk,
  1x fullheight disk, 4x disk, 12xdisk), multi-serial extension (with
  cable and sbus card), many CPUs, SIMMs, disk brackets, disks
- Many, many sbus cards (including many 100Mbps cards, video, token
  ring, digitizer, fiber, ...)
- sbus SunPC cards (486, pentium), pci SunPC cards (400MHz, 600MHz)
- gigabit (sbus/fiber (several), pci/ethernet)
- bunch of mice, keyboard, cables (type 2, type 3, type 4, type 5),
- manuals: full SunOS 4 manual set, several system books (full i386
  books, SS1 books etc)
All this stuff is located in the Netherlands. Sun Netherlands does not
seem to be interested.

Walter Belgers         "Si hoc signum legere potes, operis boni in rebus
walter at belgers.com       Latinis alacribus et fructuosis potiri potes!" 

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