[rescue] new to the list: new E250 owner, just saying hello.

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Fri Jan 13 07:31:09 CST 2006

>- SS20, 2.4 kernel, ext3fs
>- SS20, 2.6 kernel, ext3fs
>- SS20, 2.4 kernel, ext2fs
>- SS20, 2.6 kernel, ext2fs
>- SS20, 2.4 kernel, xfs
>- SS20, 2.6 kernel, xfs
>Then I started wondering if there wasn't something flawed with the 
>32-bit SPARC kernel and switched to an Ultra 1. Trying all the 

Odd.  I ran an SS20, 128 mb RAM and one (later two) SM61 CPUs under Linux
for several years, with both a 2.4 and an early 2.6 kernel, using ext2fs
and when it became available switched to ext3fs without so much as a
burble.  It had 

It was used for network monitoring, had a web server running, and I did a
lot of tripwire IDS checksums with it.  One drive internally, two more in
external boxes, and a graphics card of some sort (I still have the beast
across the hall, just powered down) on the bus.

Linux worked flawlessly for me on that old SparcStation.  Slow as a dog,
but I miss the reliability.

wes will

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