[rescue] My Best Rescue to Date.. Ever

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Wed Jan 11 11:45:27 CST 2006

At 11:24 AM 1/11/2006 , Aaron Finley wrote:
>Picked up the following:
>Working! QTY 2. Mcintosh MC-50 Solid State Autotransformer Amps

I never really understood the McIntosh attraction to all that iron, such as
the interstage coupling transformers in some of the classic tube amps and
*especially* the solid state amps with output transfomers.  Maybe they just
didn't want to use PNP transistors?  ;-)

My best audio rescue ever was a HK Citation II amp ($6.50!) and the
matching preamp ($10).  Working, with the original books.


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