[rescue] Differential SCSI?

jodys at helluin.org jodys at helluin.org
Tue Jan 10 04:35:08 CST 2006

Several quick questions.

I'm looking at documentation for a Compaq Fibre Channel -> Differential
SCSI bridge from 1998 and want to be sure I understand these things

When I see a SCSI bus refered to as "Differential", with no qualifier,
it means High Voltage Differential (as it is refered to now). Correct?

Ignoring the issue of the wideness of the bus, am I  correct in thinking
that I cannot connect "Differential", or HVD, devices to a single-ended
or LVD bus?

And will connecting single ended or LVD devices to a HVD bus actually
make magic smoke come out?


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