[rescue] Computers for rescue in ISRAEL (no shipping)

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Fri Jan 6 01:52:23 CST 2006


I have three computers that might be of interest to rescue. I no longer
have the time and space for them. They are in Jerusalem and will need 
to be picked up.

1. AXIL Sun clone, 25mHz microsparc, 64m ram, no hard disk. may need
   NVRAM replaced, have not used it in years. Can provide keyboard and mouse,
   17 mono monitor but lost monitor cable (13w3 to BNC).

   I can LOAN you a CD-ROM drive to install your choice of operating
   systems. I can provide copies of Solaris media, you are on your own
   for Linux or xBSD.

2.  A/UX system. Quadra 650, 56m RAM, 2g hard disk. includes CD/ROM drive,
   AAUI 10 baseT transceiver, keyboard and mouse. Probably needs PRAM
   battery, and re-install. Media copies available but no licenses.
   Also includes a Mac 15 pin to VGA cable, may work for you (from Apple
   17" monitor I'm still using). CD-Caddy provided.

3. Same as above. 1 gig hard disk. No monitor cable or CD-Caddy.

Anyone can have the AXIL computer. The A/UX systems are rare because all the
parts needed to run it are there, it took a long time and considerable money
and favours to collect them. I will gladly give them to someone who wants them
as they are, to run A/UX, Linux or BSD. I am not interested in giving them 
to someone who is trying to scrounge parts.


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