[rescue] FS: Roomba Discovery

Peter Porter peter at brightavenue.com
Thu Jan 5 22:56:58 CST 2006

I might be interested for more in the range of $100.  What would you be 
willing to do, shipped?


Bill Bradford wrote:

>Bought this a while back, then replaced the rug we used it on with a high-pile 
>shag rug that the Roomba can't work on - and since I now use a Swiffer to pick 
>up the cat hair, the Roomba's been sitting in a corner for months now.
>Roomba Discovery:
># Robot Roomba Discovery Vacuuming Robot
># Standard Wall Mount
># 2 Filters
># Advance Power Supply (APS) Battery (120 minutes of cleaning time)
># 1 Self-charging Home Base
># 1 APS Fast Charger (fully charged in under 3 hours)
># 2 Virtual Walls
># 1 remote control
>I paid $250, will let it go for $150/OBO shipped.  I may even still have the 
>original box.  iRobot has also released the programming API so you can 
>pretty much make this do whatever you want to..
>Anybody interested?

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