[rescue] Unwilling Crimson

Joost van de Griek jvdg at sparcpark.net
Wed Jan 4 13:26:56 CST 2006

Hello List(s),

I have the opportunity to buy an SGI Crimson (probably going to), but it
seems to have a small problem. When we fire it up, it displays the line "SGI
Version 4.0.3, 20 April 1992" on screen, then nothing. Nothing comes up on a
terminal (VT100, 9600-8N1) attached to any of the serial ports, either, but
we connected that with so many gender changers and 25-9 converters that it
may well have simply been connected incorrectly.

Also, both the power (green) and the fault (yellow) LED's come on at
power-up, and the little display on the power board (PS1) displays the
letter 'F', then after some time, the fault light goes off, and the diplay
alternates between '1' and '2'.

All the LED's on the VGXT board set light up, and there's a couple of
blinkenlights on the IO3B and IP17, too.

It is a US (110V) PSU machine, rated for 16A, according to the label, but we
had it on a 4A 220/110 transformer, for some time, with no problems. Could
that be a factor, perhaps?

Any help, and any pointers to documentation is appreciated.

IRIS Crimson, 100 MHz R4000, 64MB RAM, VGXT graphics. No drives installed.

Board set: IO3B/IP17/GM3/GE6/DG1/RM3

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Joost van de Griek

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